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Big survey on future of the bank
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As part of my PhD on digital transformation of banks, conducted within the Department of Economic and Social Sciences at Telecom ParisTech led by Valerie Fernandez, I am performing a broad survey on the future of the banks.
The intent is to validate some assumptions on a model of digital maturity for the banking industry as an extension of my previous projects on the topic.

This international survey is for people working in banks, but also fintech, futurists, Internet experts, researchers, professors, consultants. If you work in a bank or fintech, we want to gather your perception regarding your professional world. If you are outside looking in, we would like to get your vision of the sector and the changes affecting the banks and their ecosystem as you see them.

Answering the survey will take about 20 minutes. Most of the questions are optional depending on your experience and your profile. Please answer as many questions as you can, as it will benefit the overall survey's outcome.
You can opt to answer the survey anonymously. Quotes will always be used anonymously with only the profile class added.

A summary of the results will be communicated to you, highlighting the likely developments in the bank industry. Some statistical elements will feed an academic publication and lead to the launch of an observatory of digital transformation in the bank industry with a restitution workshop.

You may also forward to relevant persons.

Thanks in advance for your time.

David Fayon